Brics Capri 30" Spinner

by Brics

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SKU BRK08032

Style BRK08032

Dimensions 30 x 21.5 x 12

Weight 11.5 lbs

BRIC'S Capri 30 hardsided spinner is ultra-lightweight and constructed using durable, flexible, ultralight polycarbonate and offered in classic colors with an eye-catching reflective finish The beveled surface creates a contemporary look and helps to reinforce the strength and flexibility of the bags. Four Easy Glide wheels and multi-stage pull up handles allow for effortless movement over multiple surfaces, adaptability, and provide 360 maneuverability. The spacious inner compartments are lined with stain & water resistant nylon feature elastic straps and zippered compartments that will help you organize your belongings. The high-tech outer surface functions to protect the outside from shocks, bumps, curbs, temperature and helps keep your contents dry. All spinners include integrated TSA locks.